• We cannot guarantee that your camper and their friend will be in the same cabin but we will take it into consideration when making cabin assignments.
  • Please check physical difficulties/past illnesses
    If yes explain:
  • Camper has special medication or health instructions explained below:
  • Please fill out a separate form if you would like to register multiple campers.
  • $0.00
  • I hereby acknowledge the following. 1. Affirm there is no need of a doctor's examination prior to camp based on good health history, or that such an examination has been obtained and is included with this registration. 2. Authorize New Life Bible Camp medical staff to dispense medications based on the above instructions. 3. Authorize qualified camp personnel to administer emergency medical care and determine the need for ambulance service or a physician's care. 4. Recognize the camp does not carry medical insurance and that I am required to pay for all medical treatment. 5. Recognize that the camp provides only secondary accident insurance for all campers and staff. 6. Allow my child to participate in all camp activities (which may be photographed) unless specific written instructions are included with is registration form. 7. Understand the camp reserves the right to dismiss any camper demonstrating behavior contrary to the best interest of NLBC. Transportation is immediate responsibility of the camper's parents.
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    Once you hit submit, your application will automatically be send to camp officials as well as the listed email address above. Payment process requires completing the paypal or credit card information.
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